Team Aster vs Aster.Aries

Resolved Sun, Mar 19, 2023, 07:49
44,200 FBS
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Dota Pro Circuit 2023 Tour 2 or the Spring Tour is the second season of the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit. Each of the six regions will host an online regional league divided into two Divisions, Division I and Division II. At the end of the league play, the bottom two teams from Division I gets relegated to Division II of the next DPC Tour and the bottom two teams from Division II gets eliminated. Each Regional league and its divisions feature a total of eight teams and will be played in a single round-robin format, best-of-three matches. Division I teams play for a spot at the second major of the year, a share of the $205,000 total prize pool and 920 DPC points. While Division II teams will battle it out for the top 2 spots which will promote them to Division I for next tour and a share of the $75,000 prize pool. The number of Division I teams that will be seeded into the 2nd Major are as follows: WEU 4 teams, China 4 teams, EEU 3 teams, SEA 3 teams, NA 2 teams and SA 2 teams.

This event will resolve based on the winner of the upcoming DPC China Upper Division match between Team Aster and Aster.Aries. This event is scheduled for Mar 19, 2023 at 04:00 am UTC.

If the scheduled game is canceled, your positions will be refunded.

Resolution Date: Mar 19, 2023
Resolution Source: Gosu Gamers

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