Introducing X-Score: The Ultimate Rewards System for DestinyX Players

Jan 15, 2024


Are you ready to take your DestinyX experience to the next level? Look no further than X-Score, the innovative points system designed specifically for our online casino platform. X-Score is designed to enhance your gaming experience by rewarding you for your active participation and engagement within the platform.


So, how does X-Score work? Players accumulate X-Score by playing games, completing quests, referring friends (and earning X-Score when they play, too), staking crypto, and more to come. The more you participate in DestinyX, the more X-Score you can earn!


But that's not all, X-Score also offers bonus multipliers, called "Boosts," depending on your position in the X-Score Leaderboard.


But what exactly are Boosts, and how can you get them? A Boost is another term for a multiplier, and there are several types of Boosts available in X-Score. These include:


🔸 Player's PNL Rank: A multiplier based on your Profit and Loss (PNL) Rank.


🔸 DestinyX Account Rank: A multiplier based on your DestinyX account rank (Bronze, Silver, and beyond).


🔸 Crew Rank: A multiplier based on the total wager volume of your crew, recalculated daily using wager volume from the last two days.


🔸 Boosters: Multipliers you receive for meeting various conditions or from using promo codes.


🔸 Referral Boost: A multiplier based on the number of friends you refer, with higher multipliers for referring more friends.


🔸 Staking: A multiplier based on the amount of $1 USD crypto you stake daily.


By combining these Boosts, you can increase your Active Boost, Maximum Boost, and earn even more X-Score. And the higher you rank on the X-Score Leaderboard, the bigger your multiplier will be.


X-Score Season 1 is now live, and it's the perfect time to start earning X-Score and Boosts. During this season, you earn X-Score by participating in the protocol - for every $1 you play, you get 1 X-Score. Your PNL rank provides a bonus multiplier to these points, and joining a crew offers an additional boost on top of your PNL rank multiplier. Keep an eye out for special seasonal events too, as they offer extra opportunities for bonus multipliers.


With its innovative points system, bonus multipliers, and user-friendly design, there's never been a better time to start earning X-Score and enhancing your online casino experience. And not only that, but X-Score is also a pathway to $KICK — a native token powering the X-Protocol gaming blockchain. More about $KICK here.


So, what are you waiting for? Start playing and earning X-Score today!


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