Refer & Earn Program

Des 29, 2023


Ever wish you could spread the casino love and get rewarded for it? Well, buckle up, because DestinyX Casino's Refer & Earn program is here to make your dreams a reality! You heard that right – invite your friends, watch them have a blast, and pocket some sweet commissions and bonuses along the way. Let's break it down, shall we?


1️⃣ Creating an account at DestinyX is your first step. Once you're in, boom! You get a unique referral link, like a secret handshake for awesomeness.


2️⃣ Now, get your inner cheerleader on! Share that link with your friends, tell them about the epic slots, the table games, and the atmosphere at DestinyX. Convince them to join the fun, sign up with your link, and make a deposit. Remember, the more they play, the more you earn – it's win-win all around!


3️⃣ Rake in the cash! As your friends get swept up in the DestinyX whirlwind, you start raking in commissions based on their gameplay. Every spin, every hand dealt, and every bet placed contributes to your commission.




4️⃣ DestinyX doesn't keep secrets. Our intuitive affiliate dashboard is your command center, letting you track your earnings, see who you've referred, and monitor your performance in near real-time. This dashboard lets you see exactly how your referral magic is working.


That's not all... just for you early adopters, we've got a special surprise. 🎁 Crank up your referral engine because for the first month, you'll enjoy a 40% RevShare instantly! That's right, pocket an extra 40% on top of your regular commissions simply for bringing your friends to the party. No hoops to jump through, no hidden fees – just pure, bonus bliss!


Bonus Round:


We didn't stop at just commissions, oh no! We've got bonus rewards to fuel the fun. Within 7 days of registration, if your friends bet $100 on 2 different events, you both get 5,000 $BXC each! That's our way of saying "thanks for bringing the party!" For the next 180 days after signing up, if your referred friends top up their accounts with $100, both of you score 1,000 $BXC instantly! More play, more rewards – it's a beautiful thing. Note that the BXC token serves as a reward mechanism on DestinyX, and its liquidity and usability outside the platform are limited.


Refer and Earn.png


DestinyX's Refer & Earn isn't just about cash grabs (although, let's be honest, that's pretty awesome.) It's about building a community of passionate players, sharing the thrill of victory, and creating a network of fun that keeps on giving. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up, grab your link, and let the referring, earning, and winning begin! Remember, at DestinyX, the more you play, the more you earn, and the more you share, the more you win!


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