DestinyX VIP Affiliate Program - up to 50% RevShare



Ready to supercharge your affiliate marketing game and rake in bigger rewards? Say hello to the DestinyX VIP Affiliate Program!


If you're a successful affiliate marketer, we've got the perfect opportunity for you.


As a VIP affiliate, you'll receive a number of exclusive benefits, including:


🔥 Higher commission rates: VIP affiliates earn higher commission rates than standard affiliates — up to 50% on all Revenue Share (RevShare) that you generate.


🌐 Partner referral boost: VIP affiliates can earn 2-10% of rewards from their entire referral network. This feature extends to both direct referrals and their subsequent referrals, maximizing commissions across multiple levels. For example, if your direct referral earns $1000 and your Affiliate Manager Rate (AMR) is 2%, you receive $20. Importantly, this boost creates a cascading effect, enhancing your earning potential across various levels of your network. It's a powerful tool to amplify overall commissions and further incentivize the growth of your referral network.


🚀 Early access to new features, products, and promotions: VIP affiliates are often the first to know about the cool stuff we're working on. This gives you a chance to get your audience excited about new products and to generate more sales.


🏆 Faster payouts: VIP affiliates can get their hands on earnings more quickly — with weekly payouts in USDT.


💼 Dedicated affiliate manager: VIP affiliates are assigned a dedicated affiliate manager who can help them maximize their earnings.


🎯Near real-time tracking: You can stay in the know as you watch your earnings soar, keeping you informed and in control of your success journey.




• We ask that our VIP affiliates promote DestinyX exclusively. We believe in investing in those who share our passion for seeing DestinyX thrive.  
• First impressions are everything, and we deeply care about how DestinyX is portrayed. We encourage you to represent DestinyX in a positive light.  
• Please refrain from artificially inflating your affiliate statistics. Such actions may result in more serious consequences, including account actions for affiliate abuse.  
• Maintain up-to-date promotions for DestinyX, ensuring all information displayed is accurate and current.  
•Keep us in the loop! Notify your affiliate manager of any new content you create. Videos and live streams will be shared on our socials, giving your work even more exposure.


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DestinyX reserves the right to forfeit affiliate benefits if we believe an affiliate is not adhering to the guidelines mentioned above. Our aim is to foster a community of genuine, successful promoters who contribute to the growth of DestinyX.


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