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Ditch the casino crowds! Today's Blackjack League by Pragmatic Play offers a €3,000,000 chance to win from the comfort of your home. This innovative online blackjack tournament caters to all levels, running from April 15th to June 30th. It's time to sharpen your skills, test your luck, and become the next blackjack champion — only on


Daily Tournaments for Every Bankroll


• Bronze (€3,000 Daily Prize Pool): €5-€10 min wager - Ideal for beginners or casual play.  
• Silver (€7,000 Daily Prize Pool): Step up your game with wagers €25-€50.  
• Gold (€15,000 Daily Prize Pool): €100 min wager - High rollers, this one's for you!


Join the Action in Minutes


🔸 Play any eligible Blackjack League game found here.  
🔸 Place 2 bets and secure 2 consecutive wins (minimum) to enter the leaderboard. Only base bets or bets behind other players will contribute points. Side bets do not affect your total score.  
🔸 Earn points for consecutive wins (details within each game).


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General Terms and Conditions


For full details and the latest rules, please refer to the individual tournament pages within the participating games.


• Tournament rules and prize tables are built into the games.  
• Prizes are paid out in cash according to the in-game prize tables.  
• All prizes are awarded in the player's local currency.  
• Any undefined terms herein hold the standard meaning within the gaming industry.  
• All prizes are awarded with no wagering requirements.  
• Pragmatic Play reserves the right to modify or cancel the Blackjack League at any time. Amendments won't affect players already opted-in unless to prevent fraud.  
• These terms are supplementary to the in-game terms and conditions.



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