BlastPool: How It Works



The DestinyX BlastPool is a weekly prize savings pool that gives you the chance to win prizes by depositing crypto with DestinyX.


✅ Deposit a minimum of $1 in any supported crypto  
✅ Participate in weekly draws  
✅ Don’t worry - you can still withdraw your funds any time!


The more $$$ you hold and the earlier you join, the higher your chances of winning!


How does it work?


Prizes are made up of the rewards that accrue on all deposited funds in the pool:


✅ Users deposit funds through DestinyX  
✅ The entire pool accrues rewards for the duration of the weekly pool  
✅ Winners are randomly chosen using an algorithmic generator based on the user’s odds  
✅ The generated rewards are distributed as a prize between winning users


What are my odds of winning?


Your chances of winning change dynamically depending on how many participants there are and the total number of prizes in that particular prize pool.


How do I boost my odds?


Overall, your odds are increased if you perform these specific actions as early as possible:


Account Value in USD  
The more crypto you deposit through DestinyX, the higher your chances of winning. The total balance of each user who joins is capped at US$5,000.


Entry time  
The earlier you join, the better your odds! If you joined the draw early with $1,000 in Account Value and topped up $4,000 right before the draw ends, your odds won’t be as high as it would be if you did so earlier.


Successful referrals  
Referred a friend recently? Your chances are also improved if your friends signed up for DestinyX through your unique invite link! The more referrals, the better!


Your balance of $BXC and $FBX tokens  
Having a higher balance of $BXC and $FBX tokens in your account can increase your odds of winning. The more tokens you hold, capped at 1,000,000 $FBX and 5,000,000 $BXC, the better your chances in the draw. So, make sure to accumulate and maintain a substantial balance of these tokens to boost your odds in winning.


How are winners chosen?

The winners will be chosen at random using our algorithmic generator based on their odds; the better your odds, the more likely you'll be chosen as a winner. You can win more than once in a single draw and there is no human interference.


How much is the entrance fee?

No fees, no tickets! As long as you hold a minimum of $1 in crypto in your DestinyX wallet, you're welcome to join.


Is there an advantage to joining early?

Yes! Your average joining time over the prize period determines your chances of winning.


What are the risks?

There is no risk of losing your funds by entering the pool. Even if you don’t win, you still get to keep all your crypto. However, there are still many risks involved in blockchain technology that can result in the loss of funds.


How many prizes are awarded?

The amount and number of prizes change dynamically. The numbers displayed are predictions based on everyday data and winning odds. It is possible that actual prizes awarded will be either higher or lower than what is depicted.


Do I have to join for each prize?

Yes! You must tap “Join Draw” for every weekly pool you intend to participate in.


If the prize pool is in BXC tokens, do I need to hold BXC?

No. You can hold any crypto as long as it meets the minimum of $1. If you win, the prizes awarded will be according to the crypto asset indicated in the prize pool.


Is there any penalty if I choose to withdraw before the draw?

No. You can withdraw your deposit at any time.


How do I claim my prizes?

Once the draw ends and prizes have been awarded, simply check the BlastPool page to check if you’ve won and instantly claim your winnings. Be sure to reach the Verified level of your Identity Verification to claim your prize.

After claiming your prize, your total winnings will automatically be added to your DestinyX balance within a few minutes. If the prize pool is in $BXC, you will receive your prizes in $BXC.


How long do I have to claim my prizes?

You must claim your prize within 60 days from the award date, or it will be forfeited.





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